Yes Or No?

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Chapter 135;

{At the mall with the girls}

Rydel;Okay the dress you got was really nice Vanessa

Vanessa;I know I loved it too

Laura;Well I'm just gonna wear my normal clothes


Laura;I don't feel like wearing a dress you know?

Vanessa;Why don't you just wear the white crop top with your black skirt & your converse ?

Rydel;At least wear that Laurie

Laura;Okay let's get going

~They got home & started getting ready~

Ross;How long do the girls take it's already 4

Riker;Relax they'll be here

Ratliff;Well I'm gonna start getting ready my boys


*The girls arrive*


Ross;Hurry start getting ready

Rydel;Calm down guys

Riker;Okay well I'm gonna get ready

Ross;Me too just let me help out my girlfriend

Laura;•laughs• about time

Ross;sorry 😁

Vanessa;Well I'm gonna get ready guys see you in a bit delly Laura ? you coming ?

Rydel & Laura;Heck yeah !

Vanessa;Okay let's go !

{Ross helps Laura go upstairs . the girls started to get ready so did the guys}

|Rydel wore a tight white dress with her nice heels|

•Vanessa wore a light blue dress with her favorite heels•

{Laura wore her white crop top with her black skirt & converse}
[The guys]

•Riker wore a black & white tux with a bow along with nice dressing shoes•

{Ross wore a white plain t-shirt with black jeans & his converse}

|Ratliff wore his tux with a lite blue shirt & his tie along with his formal shoes|

•The guys head downstairs•

Ratliff;Wow did it really take us that long ?

Ross;Pretty much

Riker;Damn it's already 6? *surprised*

Ross;No duh

Riker;Be quiet bossy rossy

Ross;Hey not cool

Ratliff;Nice one Riker *laughing*

~The girls head down~

Riker;Oh my


Riker;You look stunning



Ross;You look wow

Laura;Thanks *smiles*

Ratliff;Rydel you look amazing

Rydel;Thank you Hun

Riker;Well let's get going

{They get in Riker's car & by the time they headed their was 7:30 cause of the traffic}

Vanessa;Wow this is really beautiful

Riker;Not as beautiful as you though

Vanessa;Awe *pecks his lips*

Ross;You like?

Laura;More like love

Rydel;You guys sure know how to decorate

Ratliff;I know right?


Rydel;Let's get eating

Ross;hell yeah

{They all ate till Riker gives the signal}

Riker;•stands up•

Vanessa;Riker what are you doing?

Okay Vanessa Marano you stole my heart . I'm glad you did I know I'm imperfect & may not be the best boyfriend in times I'm glad you can deal with me . I can't live with out you I've been looking for you & I found you, your the girl I can't live without you brighten up my day with that beautiful smile of yours & the reason why is because seeing you smile tells me your okay . I know we've had bad times together but we got through them . I wanted to do this I finally grew a pair •gets on one knee• Vanessa Marano will you do me the honor of marrying me ? •pulls out the box & opens it•

Vanessa;*tearing up* yes I will marry you Riker

Riker;•gets up puts the ring on her finger & kisses her•

Everyone;CONGRATS !!


Yay Vanessa said yes :D

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