She's Still Mad

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Chapter 261;

Ross;Hopefully she accepts his apology

Laura;I know right

Vanessa;When is she coming out?

Ross;Tomorrow, Rocky texted saying he got a date how interesting

Laura;really? that's cool


With Riker

Riker;Hey again

Ratliff;Riker just go , please you got Rydel really sad well she's still mad

Riker;I wanted to apologize

Ratliff;No use of you apologizing

Riker;Delly can we talk?

Rydel;Just leave I don't want to talk to you .

Riker;I do . Look I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said . I didn't think it end up like this .

Rydel;You never think ,it's always the same thing with you . I'm sick & tired of you always being like this . I hate it .I'm not going to accept your apology , just because of one girl you weren't gonna consider me family anymore like really riker? that hurt me right inside ,after you left I cried & I'm not supposed to be raising my voice because we're in a hospital .

Riker;just hear me out

Rydel;No Riker I'm done just don't come near me ,1st Rocky now me. Thank you so much just leave I don't want to see you anymore

Riker;How did you find out?

Rydel;He called me because he wanted advice because he has a date tomorrow.

Riker;oh.. well Umm bye .

Rydel;bye !

Riker Walks out

Riker's POV :

Yes ross was right I should've never said that ,I'll try again tomorrow. I also dislike what I said . Why did things have to end up like this ? Rydel is my baby sister I can never be mad at her this way. it is true just because of one girl I acted this way . That was wrong of me .Who am I becoming? Am I becoming a bad person? why is it this way now ? I hate how I mess up every while. Nothing ever works out for me . Every girl takes me for granted . hopefully Vanessa doesn't take me for granted now . Well I was half ways home when we suddenly I see a huge truck coming my way & that's when everything went blank .


What's gonna happen next ? Stay tuned

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