Were Here

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Chapter 217;

Ross;Okay let's go in

Riker;Were do I sit ?

Mark;Uh let me see your ticket .


Mark;Oh you got seat 18 so it's with Rydel & Ratliff

Riker;Oh great

Rocky;I got the worst seat

Ross;What seat did you get.?

Rocky;I have to sit next to you & Laura

Laura;Wow rocky your really nice

Ryland;At least you don't have to sit next to mom & dad

Stormie;Okay guys cut it out

Ratliff;haha how can you not like sitting next to your parents ?their the awesomest people ever !

Rydel;I agree with you Ratliff

Flight attended;Okay take your seats the plane is about to take off put on your belts .

Few Hours Later


Ross;Were here

Rocky;About time let's go

Stormie;Wait up guys we have to get our suit cases

Riker;Hurry guys I want to see Vanessa already

Rydel;Hold your damn horses Riker it's not like Vanessa is gonna go somewhere

Ratliff;Thank you

Laura;Okay you guys done? Btw I don't know if you guys noticed but theirs a bunch of girls out side the airport

Ross;Oh damn guys incase their fangirls Rydel put on your sweater & hide the cuts

Riker;Ratliff act normal

Stormie;Ryland you better not sell nothing

Ryland;Awe man

Mark;Let's go

They go out

Fan #1;omg it's R5 !!!!


Fan #2;Can I take a picture with you Rocky ?


Fan #3;Oh my god Rydel your baby bump can I please take a photo with you ?


Fan #3;Also Ellington

Rydel;Laura can you take the picture ?

Fan #4;No way it's Ross's girlfriend can I have a photo with you ?

Laura;sure just let me take this photo I'll get back with you sweetie

Fan #5;Riker can you sign my shirt ?


Mark;Uh sorry girls but we have to go we'll see you around

Fans;Okay we understand it was great meeting you guys R5 Family forever ! Hope to see you on tour soon

Laura;Wow that was Awesome

Ross;Yeah okay so were do we go ?

Laura;well go to 7th street

Mark;Let's get a taxi

Laura;No it's just 15 minuets away

Riker;Damn okay

Ross;That is so weird

Laura;No that's how we roll here in NY

They Get to Laura's House

Ross;Whos gonna knock

Rydel;Riker do it

Laura;I'll do it *knocks*

The door opens

Riker;Vanessa ?


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