Raura;Amazing Time & Gift time

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Chapter 43;

Laura;Thank you so much for this wonderful night I loved it so much !

Ross;Like i said no problem you deserved the best.Why did you guys even buy a house when you don't even stay their

Laura;Cause we need a place to stay Ross

Ross;okay let's go In side I got something


Ross;Close your eyes though

Laura;*closes her eyes*okay their

Ross;Okay let me open the door
*opens door*

Laura;*shocked* omg the bear *quickly runs to it* I love it Ross !

Ross;You look adorable that's not it
*takes out 2 boxes* open them Laur

Laura;Okay *opens the first one & sees the necklace* I love it thank you so much where is the other one?

Ross;*pulls it out* I have it

Laura;Wow Ross I'm speechless

Ross;You still have another one to go

Laura;yay okay
*opens it & sees the bracelet*
Oh my god this is totes cute!

Ross;Don't worry about it cause now people will know that I'm yours & people will know that your mine!*kisses her on the forehead*

Laura;Ross thank you so
much for everything ! i love it !

-At the door-

Rydel;Omg aweee you guys are sooo cute !!

Riker;That was so adorable !

Ross;Were you guys spying on us?

Ratliff;No what are you talking about?

Ross;Whatever guys .

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