Let's Be Positive

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Chapter 296;

Riker;Okay we're here

Rocky;Great you'll be going in

Riker;Why me ?

Rocky;What if that phsyco tries to do something ? I ain't Risking my life here Riker

Riker;Your such a wimp Rocky I don't know how lilly can deal with you

Rocky;She loves me for who I am


Rocky;In a way I feel like this won't work

Riker;Let's be positive . okay ? I'll be out in 5-6 minutes

Rocky;Okay you be careful

Riker;Will do

Riker Starts heading to the front door , he knocks & waits till Hope opens up

Hope;Oh hey Riker what are you doing here ?

Riker;I wanted to talk to you

Hope;About ?

Riker;Well why don't I just go in & tell you


Riker;I'm gonna ask you a few questions is that okay ?

Hope;Yeah sure

Riker;Okay what were you doing with my brother yesterday

Hope;Nothing we went to the park , got froyo , went to the movies , the beach , we went to eat burgers didn't he tell you ?

Riker;Not exactly


Riker;Do you like ross or do you just want to make his fiancé suffer ?

Hope;No I actually like ross

Riker;oh you do know he's gonna be soon married

Hope;I know

Riker;Okay so why did he stay over ?

Hope;Because I told him too since it was midnight I didn't want him taking a long drive back home

Riker;Where did he sleep?

Hope;The family room

Riker;Okay, so are you actually pregnant ?



Hope;Yeah apparently

Riker;Do you recall anything from last night ?

Hope;No all we did was sleep he slept separately

Riker;Okay so one more question before I go

Hope;ask away

Riker;Are you really pregnant with Ross's baby ?


What will Hope say ?😱😱

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