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Chapter 235;

Rydel;Okay Rocky check if everything is well plugged

Rocky;alright hold on

Vanessa;Okay their

Stormie & Mark Walk In

Ross;Mom ! Dad !

Riker;about time your back !

Stormie;it's so great to finally see you what are you all up too ?

Riker;were trying to get laura to forgive ross

Mark;What did you do now ?

Ratliff;He didn't do nothing something just happened

Stormie;and what happened

Vanessa;Okay so ross and Laura asked Riker and I to watch ryder

Mark;Who's ryder ?

Ross;Oh that's right ryder is my son , he was born June 12

Mark;That explains it I can't wait to see my grandson

Stormie;OMSTARS I can't wait to see him

Rocky;He's literally the most adorable baby you'll ever see along with Rosalie

Lilly;Yeah well anyway we were saying so this suppose girl named Hazel texted him saying this stuff and laura saw she got jealous. She came home crying

Ross;and now I want to put on a show for her you in?

Stormie;Anything for you sweetheart

Mark;Okay well let's get this all set up
You aren't even half ways out

Stormie;Vanessa are you pregnant

Riker;Yeah she is you guys are gonna be grandparents

Ryland;Man you guys are getting old

Mark;Don't push it ry ry

Ross;haha okay lets begin with this laura can wake up anytime now

Hey sorry I updated late😅
Sorry it's short next one will be longer I promise ☺️

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