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Chapter 79;

Vanessa;Okay where home

Laura;Umm okay

Vanessa;I'll give you a tour of the house

Laura;no it's okay I'll try my best to look around !


Laura;Wait what about Ross ?

Ross;I'll go home

Laura;Don't you want a ride??

Ross;No I live right in front

Laura;oh okay...

Ross;What's wrong?

Laura;I was hoping for you to stay with me ... but it's okay you should go home!(:

Ross;No it's okay . I'll stay with you .


Vanessa;Well I'm going to sleep again see you in a bit guys !


Laura;Wait Vanessa!!!

Vanessa;*yawns* what?

Laura;Where's my room?

Vanessa;It's up here to the right

Laura;Okay thanks

Vanessa;No problem

Ross;Shall we ?

Laura;Why yes let's go

*They head to Laura's room*

Ross;C'mon go to sleep princess you need your sleep .

Laura;Okay I'll see you in a bit Ross please don't leave I want to see you when I wake up .

Ross;I won't go anywhere I promise


*Laura goes to sleep*

Ross's POV

Laura fell asleep but I'm still trying to figure out who it was .. maybe it was Anna or Megan ... Or maybe even Adam ... I wonder why they did this to her she's the most sweetest person ever .. I'm going to try my best to figure out who it was ...

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