Raura Moment

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Chapter 279;

Ross;Congrats guys

Laura;I'm happy for you guys

Rydel;So am I

Lilly;Awe that was cute congrats


Ryland;You better take care of him Nessa

Vanessa;I Will

Savannah;That was really cute

Ross;Laura & I are gonna go upstairs


Ross & Laura Head Upstairs


Laura;Yeah ross?

Ross;Are you excited ?


Ross;Our baby

Laura;I sure am . I've been waiting for him to be in our arms already .

Ross;Same here. You know what else I'm excited for ?


Ross;Our wedding

Laura;Me too *pecks his lips*

Ross;You want to know something ?


Ross;Your an amazing fiancé .

Laura;Awe your so sweet I love you

Ross;I love you too

Laura;I'm glad I have you in my life

Ross;Me too . you don't know how grateful I am too have you again

Laura;Will you be their by my side when I give birth?

Ross;Of course I wouldn't want to miss the birth of my child.


Ross;I will always be here through your ups & downs

Laura;Many of the reasons why I love you

Ross;I never want to loose you ,I want you & I too have the family we always wanted

Laura:So do I

Ross;I'll make it happen so we could be able to watch our kids grow & you I can turn old together

Laura;Okay that's a goal you promise?

Ross;I promise Laura you can count on me .

Laura;Okay ross. Ross ! Ross!

Ross;What Are you okay?

Laura;Give me your hand the baby is kicking

Ross;Oh my god

Laura;*grabs ross's hand*Can you feel him?

Ross;Yes *starts talking to Laura's stomach* hey baby mommy & I can't wait to hold you in our arms please be here soon I hope to see you soon Buddy you don't know how much mommy & I want you to be with us already I love you too pieces Ryder

Laura;awe that was really cute

Ross;*kisses laura*

Hope you enjoyed sorry it was short 😁

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