Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 12;

Laura;You like me?

Ross;Yes I like you

Laura;We just met though

Ross;Laura I don't care if I just met you your perfect for me I can see a future with you.

Laura;Ross I hardly know you trust me I will like to get to know you better before I become your girlfriend .

Ross; So you don't like me?

Laura;I do like you it's just that I want to get to know you better .

Ross;We can get to know each other while were together as a couple .

Laura;Ross I don't know about this

Ross;Please Laura just this chance ?

Laura;Well okay .

Ross;So are we a couple now?


Ross;okay I like you Laura thank you

Laura;Me too let's go get some ice cream yeah?

Ross;whatever you say sweetie let's go

-With Rydel & Ratliff-

Rydel;Ratliff we've known each other for a long time I don't know if we can be together

Ratliff;Please Rydel all I'm asking for is one chance you won't regret it I really like you & I can't control my feelings for you


-Cuts her off by kissing her-

(Riker's POV; I was walking to the place because Vanessa & I had finished shopping she went to the restroom while I headed back with Rydel & Ratliff when I was getting closer I saw them kissing I can't believe what I just saw )

(I'll update more later)

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