Getting Ready To Sleep

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Chapter 146;

Ross;We should go inside it's getting cold


Laura;I'm going to bed guys goodnight

Ross;Yeah me too. laur do you need help to go up?

Laura;No thanks

Ross;Okay goodnight

Laura;Oh wait here's your shirt I haven't washed it so sorry if it smells like me

Ross;It's okay . you can keep it

Laura;Okay thanks I guess

Ross;No problem. Hey can I Umm sleep with you?

Laura;Umm why?

Ross;Cause during these times my room gets really cold so yeah & beside I'm gonna be alone

Laura;Okay then


•They go in Laura's room•

Ross;I'm going to brush my teeth I'll be back

Laura;Okay *starts taking off her clothes*

{Riker walks in}

Laura*screams* RIKER !!!!

Riker;Oh my god I'm so sorry *covering his eyes*

Laura;Get out !!!!

Riker;okay tell me when your done *walks out*

{Ross quickly walks in}

Ross;What's going on??

Laura;*screams again* get out Ross !!I

Ross;Oh my god I'm sorry

Laura;Cover your eyes !!I just get out

Ross;I'm sorry but your attractive *smirks*

Laura;Ross get out


•Riker knocks•

Laura;Come in


Laura;What's up

Riker;I wanted to see if you were okay

Laura;I'm fine thanks though

Riker;Okay go to sleep we're dropping Nessa off at the the airport tomorrow

Laura;Okay bye

Riker;Bye •leaves•

•Ross walks in•

Ross;Okay go to sleep


{With that they go to sleep}

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