Are You Playing Me?

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Chapter 220;

Mark;Where's Riker ?

Ross;Uh I think he's over their hugging a girl

Stormie;Guys is that Vanessa ?

Laura;Looks like it is her

Rocky;Oh we should get riker

Ratliff;I agree

They Go Where Riker Is At

Ross;Hey Riker it's time to go .

Riker;I want to stay here though..With Vanessa

Vanessa;Its okay Riker you should go .

Rydel;Yeah cmon lets go

Riker;Okay fine I'll see you tomorrow Nessa



Vanessa;Uh Dave what are you doing here ?

Dave;I came to get you I talked to your parents why I left I went back to Miami to buy us a house so we can raise our family

Riker;Woah wait up Vanessa are you gonna leave ?


Ryland;That's why I never liked you

Mark;Be nice ryland

Vanessa;Uh well I'm going with Dave . I need him. I'm sorry Riker.

Riker;So you played me.? *Tears in his eyes*after all how many miles I came just to see you & get you back this is what I get ? you know what Vanessa I hate you so much !!!

Rydel;What a bitch move Vanessa

Laura;Stormie get your family please I'm gonna talk to Vanessa & Dave can you go back to my house & pack Vanessa's stuff?


Stormie;Okay Laur I'll see you back at the hotel were gonna get packing

Laura;Okay Stormie I'll be Their in a few

Ross;Take care beautiful *kisses laura*If anything call me


They leave . Laura & Vanessa Stay


What's gonna happen now?

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