Cake Testing

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Chapter 364;

(At the cake tasting)

Ross;(sitting down with laura waiting)what takes them so long ?

Laura;Hold on ross they gotta get everything ready

Ross;Shouldn't they have done that earlier ?

Laura;No just be patient

Ross;We've been here for 15 minutes already

Laura;You heard the manager their attending another couple right now it'll be our turn

Ross;laura (whining)

Laura;Stop whining .

Ross;I can't I'm getting so impatient

Laura;Well your gonna have to wait like I said .

Ross;Fine can I at least have a kiss ?

Laura;(leans in & kisses Ross)

Ross;(smiles in between the kiss)

Laura;(pulls away) okay their now are you gonna stop whining ?

Ross;yes mam

(A few minutes later)

Lady;Laura Marano & Ross Lynch?

Laura;That's us

Lady;Follow me

Ross;About time

Laura;Stop being rude

Ross;Okay (gets Ryder & follows the lady with laura by his side)

Lady;Have a seat here

Laura & Ross;(take a seat)

Lady;We will be bringing cakes in (leaves)

Ross;That's the only fun part about getting your wedding organized

Laura;oh ross your so childish (chuckles)

Ross;but you still love me (winks at Laura)


Ross;Ooo your blushing .

Laura;Shut it Shor

Ross;No my beautiful lady

Laura;Ross stop



Ross;yes beautiful?

Laura;Oh ross

Ross;I'm sorry I'm just stating what's true .

Laura;Okay the. Handsome

Ross;I know I'm handsome & hot . (winks)


Ross;That's why you can't resist me

Laura;(laughs) whatever pleasures you

Lady;Okay here's the first cake . (Hands them two plates with cake on it & forks)

Ross;(looks at Laura)

Laura;It's a bit dry

Ross;Yeah I agree .

Lady;Okay here's the second one (hands them another plate)

Ross;(takes a bite out of the peice of cake)Ehh the frosting is too mushy

Laura;then I won't bother to take a bite out of mine

Ross;I agree you shouldn't

Lady;3rd piece of cake . I know you'll love this one its one of our finest but we make a different design for each cake they order

Ross;Okay let's see .

Laura;(takes a bite) not bad

Ross;(takes a bite)I actually like it

Laura;yeah same here

Lady;If you want you can try more because we have other kinds too that you might like

Ross;Count me in


Laura & Ross tried 4 more pieces of cake they both liked the last one they tried . They settled everything with the lady , got Ryder & left to go get Ryder's Diapers.

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