Back Together ?

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Chapter 161;


Riker;yay I got you back •kisses her•

Ross;Sorry to break your moment but were here


Lindsay;Hey Ross I have to go my mom texted me . & congrats to you guys


Riker;Thanks •smiles•

Ross;Okay bye •pecks her lips•

~Doctor walks in~

Doctor Martin;Hey will one of you guys sign out Riker & Rydel their ready to go home . one of you can stay so I can give you the medicine they'll need incase they start to feel pain

Ross;I'll go Laura stay here

Doctor Martin;Okay go to the front desk


Ross's POV

Well yay my brother & my ex are going out again well I have to suck it up for his sake I've hurt him too much already including Laura . If I keep hurting her it will do no good for my family . I just wanted to be with Laura in my birthday . when I got back with her i was gonna propose to her in my birthday to make that day extra special for me & so I can start a family with her , grow old with her but I can't no more I've completely lost her .

Nurse;Hello young man

Ross;Hi I came to sign out Riker Lynch & Rydel Lynch

Nurse;Okay sign these papers & their free to go

Ross;•signs the paper• thanks

Nurse;No problem have a good day . wait aren't you from R5??

Ross;Yeah why?

Nurse;My daughter is a huge fan

Ross;That's cool

Nurse;Since I took her phone away can you sign her case?


Nurse;•hands him a marker•

Ross;•signs it• here you go

Nurse;Thank you

Ross;No problem bye take care

Nurse;You too

{Ross heads back}

Riker;Okay their I'm ready

Ross;Let's go

Rydel;Chill I can't walk cause my leg

Laura;Ratliff carry her



<They leave>

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