The Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

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Chapter 368;

(With The Girls)

Rydel;I honestly can't believe your wedding is right around the corner laur !

Laura;I know I'm so nervous

Stormie;Don't be everything will come out fine , besides I believe you & ross will last forever because he looks really into you & so do you . Take good care of my son Laur (smiles)

Laura;Don't worry Stormie I'll take good care of ross he's in good hands

Beauty;Ross is also lucky because your really beautiful just like delly & the girls

Vanessa;Well aren't you so sweet

Savannah;Are you guys planning on having another baby ?

Laura;We talked about it & agreed onto waiting when Ryder is one years old because we don't want another baby too soon

Lilly;I see .

Vanessa;Are you guys hungry ?

Rydel;Nope I'm not

Laura;Neither am I .

Stormie;Of course your hungry Nessa your pregnant .Okay why don't We go eat .

Lilly;Where are we gonna go ?

Rydel;Why don't we go to the arcade ? They sell food their

Beauty;I want to go

Vanessa;Okay well let's go

(they leave to the arcade)

Beauty;How long are we gonna stay?

Stormie;an hour & a half

Laura;Yes !

Rydel;& you call Ross a kid



Savannah;Beauty & I are gonna go play some games

Vanessa;I'm gonna stay here with Stormie

(With the guys)

Ross;(sitting down watching the guys play)

Riker;(puts pause on the game) hey man you okay ?

Ross;Yeah why?

Rocky;I don't know you look down or something

Ross;oh no I'm just thinking

Ratliff;about ?

Ross;My wedding


Ross;What if it all goes wrong ?

Riker;Man don't over exaggerate everything will go fine besides you should be thinking about that tomorrow not right now let's have some fun with the guys & the kids !

Ross;Your right so what are we gonna do ?

Rocky;We can make ourselves some ice cream then come & play

Mark;Okay I'm gonna watch Rosalie & Ryder .

Ross;Thanks dad

Mark;You guys have your alone time with the kids

Ratliff;Okay ! If Rosalie starts crying can you bring her down?

Mark;Sure (leaves upstairs)

Ross;Who volunteers to watch Ryder when I'm off to my honeymoon

Riker;Vanessa & I Can were gonna need practice since we have a baby on the way

Ross;Okay thanks man !

Riker;No problem you gotta pay me though

Ross;I will don't worry

Ratliff;What do you think the girls are doing right now?

Riker;V texted me she said that their at the arcade

Rocky;It's good that their having fun & we're here at home doing nothing

Gator;can we go ?

Ross;Well take you some other time

Gus;Okay you said it

Riker;(chuckles) What do you guys wanna play?

Ross;Guitar Hero !

Rocky;Oh yeah let's play

Ratliff;forget the ice cream lets play

Ross;I agree lets go

Ross & the guys played until they got tired . Ross was waiting for the girls to arrive so they could go to bed . Laura & the girls were at the arcade they ate & had a lot of fun . They decided to go buy smoothies from their they went back home .

Sorry for this boring chapter 😭.
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