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Cupid's Match [#wattys2015] LEPalphreyman
137K 7.4K
My True Love Ghost julietlyons
717K 27.6K
The Resurrection (Book Two in The Wattpad Featured Return Series) Cfunk3
2.8M 75.7K
The Psychic Next Door YvetteRussell
4.1M 43.4K
The Demons Soul ash_knight17
1.9M 77.8K
Noble Academy PureDragonWolf
248K 11.4K
The Demon King Fairytopia08
51.1K 2.8K
Masked [Wattys2015] MNJGreenhill
438K 31.6K
Untouched |completed| _nymphomaniac
5.1M 152K
Merciful Fate (Completed)- Book I xoCloudyApplesxo
24.7K 1K
The Raven Girl angeltwist
4.3M 85.1K
The Hollow Ball simranm17
1M 32.8K
Bad Boys With Wings [#wattys2015] Jojo_B
1M 39.4K
Bad Luck liliancarmine
308K 19.7K
Enticing Blood SierraEakins
1.1M 36.6K
Gods and Monsters (#1) *Rewritten Version* {Completed} ✖✖ janie1617
884K 37.8K
The Dark Prince. (Book 1) LaDameBlanche
6.1M 140K
The Dream Crashers KayC91
1.5M 61.1K