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Chapter 275;

Rydel;Are you guys ready ?


Ratliff;Do you have the diaper bag delly?


Ratliff;Okay then Rydel & I are ready

Rocky;So are Lilly & I

Ryland;Savannah & I are too

Riker;You ready Vanessa ?


Riker;Count us in

Ross;Where's laura ?

Rydel:Maybe up in the room

Ross;I'll be back start going in the van parents left us .

Heads Upstairs

Ross;Laura? are you in here ? sweetie ?


Ross;Laura? *opens the bathroom door*


Ross;Oh my god Laura *rushes to her & pulls her hair back*

Laura;*flushes the toilet* yeah I'm okay I think it was the food .

Ross;Sure it was . you okay ?

Laura;Yeah . Let's go their probably waiting

Ross;Hey if anything I'm gonna be here to support you & our baby *pecks her lips*

Laura;ewe ross you kissed me & I just finished puking

Ross;So I don't care .

Laura;Well then let's go

They Head Outside

Ross;Okay guys sorry we kinda took long Laura got morning sickness again

Rydel;That sucks .

Ratliff;I remember when delly used to get that

Rydel;Don't mention it

Rikee;haha you guys ready ?

Ryland;Yeah let's go

They Head To The Mall

Ross;Okay so where are you guys going to be ?

Rydel;I don't know where do you guy want to go?

Vanessa;The usuals go to stores , get our nails done , also our hair .

Ratliff;Okay well give you guys 2 hours have fun

Riker;If anything call us

Lilly;Okay *pecks rocky's lips*you behave.

Rocky;You too no checking out guys or smiling at them

Lilly;I promise . Anyway why would I check out other guys if I have eyes only for you

Rocky;That's why I chose you I'll see you in a bit baby *kisses her*

Rydel;awe so cute !

Ross;Were gonna get going *kisses laura* I love you stay safe

Laura;I love you too

Rydel;Take good care of Rosalie & take care sweet heart

Ratliff;Will do *pecks her lips*

Vanessa;Behave Riker

Riker;Will do I only like you & only you

Vanessa;Good *kisses Riker*

Ryland;Savannah be careful please cause you know how guys are now in days

Savannah;Will do okay? you too

Ryland;good *pecks her lips*

All the guys;Okay bye

All the Girls;See you in 2 hours

Savannah;So where now ?

Rydel;What if we go get our hair done cause I need a hair cut

Laura;So do I & I gotta dye my tips again

Lilly;Okay then hair it is

Vanessa;Lets go

With The Guys

Riker;So guys I was thinking why don't we go to a jewelry store 1st then go down to the music store

Ross;Why the jewelry store?

Rocky;Are you gonna propose?


Ratliff;Okay then let's go

Ryland;About damn time !

Riker;Whatever lets go

Ross;Here I'll help you with the bag

Ratliff;Thanks man

Ross;No problem

They Head To The Jewelry Store


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