Riker & Rocky

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Chapter 272;

Rocky;Spill it .

Riker;Spill what ?

Rocky;Why are you acting this way ? especially with Rydel ?

Riker;okay fine we'll look Rocky i'm scared


Riker;Rydel is grown up already , it's cause I always wanted her to be our baby sister .What if she gets hurt ?

Rocky;Ellington would never hurt delly that way ,think about it . he proposed already their going get married soon she has a daughter with him . Riker you making Rydel scream at these times is not good for her because she just gave birth .

Riker;I know , I just loose it .

Rocky;No you just don't control yourself . Rydel wants you to be happy I'm sure about that .

Riker;If she wants me to be happy then why can't she accept Vanessa ?

Rocky;The only reason why she's not accepting her is maybe because she's hurt you a lot .

Riker;Yeah but ross has hurt laura a lot , you don't see Vanessa telling her that she doesn't accept ross .

Rocky;It's a different story between ross & laura . Vanessa may not like ross but she's only letting ross be with her because he makes laura happy.

Riker;Either way Rocky . If Rydel doesn't accept Nessa I'm seriously going to leave.

Rocky;No Riker ! what happened to our promises ? are you really going to leave just because Rydel doesn't accept Vanessa ? This family isn't going to tear apart just for one stupid decision your making . Look Riker we are a family we all have been & we will continue to be a family. You don't have to do this because I'm pretty sure delly will accept her . When she does everything will go back to normal

Riker;I just had it already . You don't understand . You just got a girlfriend .

Rocky;I may just have gotten a girlfriend but I understand all this , Trust me on this one Riker . You remember when we all agreed to protect Rydel no matter what? Yeah well we're still keeping our word because all of us deserve to move on with our lives . Be happy . Sure we will have our downs but we will always over come them .

Riker;I guess your right . I have to apologize .

Rocky;Then go . what are you waiting for ?

Riker;*rushes out the door*

Ross;Woah their slow down where are you going ?

Riker;To find delly where is she?

Ross;In the room just give a left


Ross;No problem

Riker;*heads to Rydel's room & knocks*

Rydel;Come in .

Riker;*goes in & hugs her* I'm sorry *crying*

Rydel;I'm sorry too *hugs back & cries*

Riker;I'm sorry for everything delly . I know I've been a jerk but please forgive me

Rydel;I forgive you & forgive me too for being mean to your girlfriend I understand how much she means to you .

Riker;Thanks delly many of the reasons why I love you .

Rydel;I love you too big bro

Riker;Your always going to be my baby sister no matter how old you get

Rydel;awe *wipes off her tears*now wipe off those tears & lets go downstairs .

Riker;Where's your baby?

Rydel;She's sleeping .

Riker;Okay let's go

Rydel & Riker made up 💘. Yay !

Guys I don't know it seems like you guys lost interest in this story for some apparent reason 😶. Hope you enjoyed though 🙊😌.

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