Raura;Fun day

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Chapter 8;

(Laura's POV;I woke up turned around to see Ross sleeping still he looked so adorable I changed to my regular clothes & went to go eat breakfast)

Vanessa;Goodmorning beautiful

Laura;Goodmorning Nessa wow you woke up In a good mood today

Vanessa;I know how did you sleep?

Laura;good & you ?

Vanessa;Good too

-Rydel & Riker walk in-

Rydel;Morning girlies

Riker;Good morning

Laura;Hey guys

Vanessa;Good morning Riker & Rydel

Rydel;What do you girls wanna do today?

Laura & Vanessa; Well I don't know

Rydel;We can go to the park then the movies or the mall & we can come back home so we can have a night swim

Laur;That sounds fun

Vanessa;What about the rest of the guys?

Rydel;Let's go wake then up

Riker ,Vanessa, & Laura;okay let's go

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