Uh oh

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Chapter 184;

Laura;Thanks rossy

Ross;Let's go to your room

Rydel;You guys are too cute

Ross;Thanks well bye delly if you need anything just yell my name or Riker's

Rydel;Thanks Ross

Ross;No problem *they leave to Laura's room*

Laura;What do you wanna do?

Ross;I don't know *stars kissing Laura*

Laura;Shor calm your friend


Laura;*kisses Ross*

-The kiss gets heated-

Rossa;Laura you sure you wanna do this?


•You all know what happens their 😏

Ross;That was amazing

Laura;I know now I'm hungry

Ross;haha you pig

Laura;Thanks Ross *laughs*

Rydel;*walks in* oh my god I'm so sorry *covers her eyes*

Ross;Rydel !!!can you knock next time?

Laura;ahh Rydel

Rydel;Sorry I walked in the wrong time I just wanted you to drive me to get something

Ross;Okay give me a minute

Rydel;*still covering her eyes* Ross

Ross;Yeah ?

Rydel;Did you use a condom?

Ross;*eyes widen* Uh oh

Laura;you didn't ?

Ross;uh no

Rydel;Oh my god Ross hurry up

Ross;Okay their

Rydel;I want Ice cream

Ross;Okay I'll go buy it stay here with Laura


~Ross leaves~

Laura;Delly what if I'm pregnant ?

Rydel;Hey it will be okay as long he's here to support you

Laura;Okay my thanks delly

Rydel;No problem start changing


Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!