Things Are Falling Apart

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Chapter 268;

Ross;Hey sweetheart you have to eat something

Laura;I'm not hungry anymore

Ross;Please babe not for me but for our baby you haven't ate & it's bad


Ross;Okay let's go downstairs

Laura;No cause Rydel & Vanessa are probably downstairs

Ross;So ? it's our house anyway if it wasn't for us Rydel & ellington wouldn't have been here

Laura;Okay then let's go

They head downstairs

Ross;Okay here you go *gives her the plate*

Laura;Do you ever think that Vanessa & Delly are going to make up?

Ross;I honestly don't know but it's not good for the family because Rocky & ryland really don't like her .

Laura;That's sucks

Ross;yes . I mean our family has been in worse situation , but honestly Things are falling apart

Laura;Is it because of me too?

Ross;of course not princess *kisses her*

Laura;I love you

Ross;I love you too , Cmon lets eat so we can go to bed

Laura;Okay .

Ross;How do you feel?


Ross;Vanessa being hated by like 3 of my siblings

Laura;honestly I don't know , I mean I feel bad but at the same time no because she did hurt Riker

Ross;Yeah kinda figured . on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love me ?

Laura;My love towards you is bigger than those numbers shor

Ross;haha I know babe I just wanted to see what you'd say

Laura;Your such a dork

Ross;Hey but you love this dork

Laura;I don't blame you .


Laura;Oh shut up

Ross;What you know it's true *chuckles*

With Rydel & Ratliff

Ratliff;Delly at least apologize

Rydel;No why should I ? it's the truth she has hurt my brother

Ratliff;yes I get it but people make mistakes . Think about it because Riker never came out to eat . They had to take his food upstairs . How would you feel if you were Vanessa & Vanessa was you , imagine her telling you those hurtful words you have told her . Let's see tell me .

Rydel;I would feel horrible

Ratliff;Exactly. That girl over their is the person your brother loves with all his mite , his whole heart ,his whole life . delly every guy is different no other guy is the same as your brother . & if you really love your brother the way you say you do , you'd support & accept who he loves no matter what

Rydel;I guess your right . I should apologize

Ratliff;Now your going to apologize also to Riker . He may not remember right now . like the doctor told your mom he was gonna get his memory back in a week or so .

Rydel;I know . Thanks for making me realize this

Ratliff;No problem sweetheart now I'm going to check on Rosalie while you get your rest *pecks her lips* I love you

Rydel;I love you too

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