I dont want that past again

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Chapter 341;

Laura;(yells back)you were meant to hear it ! (Gets out of bed & heads to the backyard)

Rydel;thank god your okay laura for a moment we all thought we were supposed to take you to the hospital

Vanessa;She's a strong girl she can handle anything

Ross;But she's my girl (winks at laura)

Laura;(blushes) yeah I'm your girl

Riker;Lilly my parents told me to tell you if you wanted to move in so you & Rocky can be Closer

Lilly;sure I don't see why not , I mean we are getting married

Rocky; yes ! (Holding Ryder)

Stormie;kids we got to go already it's 6 in the after noon we have to wake up early because we have to see about the bridesmaid dresses & Vanessa's wedding dress. Than Mark takes all the guys to get the tuxedos . Oh yeah Savannah you can move in with us if you want

Savannah;sure thing thank you stormie

Ratliff;Awe you guys are leaving so soon , were gonna miss you

Ross;Yeah but we're gonna see each other tomorrow .

Mark;Vanessa , Riker , Rocky , Lilly , Savannah , & Ryland go get your bags . well wait in the car (heads out with Stormie)

Laura;Wait they packed already ?


Vanessa;When you were asleep Stormie told us to pack

Riker;Yeah well we're gonna go now

Laura;Okay Nessa take care , Riker watch her or your head comes off

Riker;(gulps) okay

Ross;You tell him baby

Lilly;Here's Ryder (hands Ryder to Ross) he's a cute well behaved baby along with Rosalie

Ratliff;We should pay you & Rocky to watch our children

Rocky;Not happening

Ryland;Cmon Rocky let's go mom & dad are waiting

Rocky;Okay we gotta go

Rydel;Take care you goofus (laughs)

Rocky;Will do princess

Rydel;Tell Riker & the rest that I'll miss them

Lilly;Will do good bye

Lilly & Rocky got their bags . They hurried out . Mark drove off as Rydel , Ratliff , Ross , & Laura waved goodbye . Laura went upstairs to Ryder's room to put him down for his nap while Rydel did the same thing for Rosalie . Ross was showering . While Ratliff was waiting for Rydel

Ross;(walks in Ryder's room) hey baby

Laura;hey Rossy

Ross;is Royce sleeping ?

Laura;yeah he just fell asleep right now I was gonna head back to our room

Ross;Okay well let's go (they head back to their room)

Laura;(lays down)

Ross;(lays next to her)how'd you like today?

Laura;Today was incredible & unforgettable

Ross;Your welcome , So about your dream what really happened ?

Laura;(tells ross the dream) a/n sorry I'm just lazy to write the whole thing again
That's what happened

Ross;Wow . . Well like I said I'm not planning on waking out on you Cmon we have a child . We will have our happy ever after with Ryder & our other kids

Laura;I just don't want that past again . You know what I'm talking about when I had to run away because I had lost you & I thought you didn't care because of what had happened too .

Ross;That was a mistake , no ones perfect but to me you are & I don't want that past either . I realized how much we've grown on each other . How we handle our things more with care now . You know why ?


Ross;Ryder changed us for the best . sure we may have other people come in our way but the key to our forever is to get through it together .Not only you trying by yourself or me trying by myself , it's gonna pay off by us working together. that's what I want can we make that happen ?

Laura;Yes we can that make that happen together

Ross;Good (smiles) I just want to make you happy & the Luckiest girl ever

Laura;I'm already lucky enough to have you by my side (cuddles with ross)

Ross;Same here (wraps his arm around her waist)


Ross;Yeah laura ?

Laura;I forgot to give you something .

Ross;Which is ?

Laura;Well for our anniversary I had to give you this (gets out of bed &pulls out a box) I just forgot because of what had happened

Ross;What is it?

Laura;See for yourself (hands him the box)

Ross;okay (gets the box)

Laura;I really hope you like it

Ross;(opens the box & sees a jar along with two bracelets)awe laura this is so cute

Laura;It is?

Ross;yes it is (pecks her cheek) okay how do I put this on ?

Laura;The right way

Ross;(laughs)okay let's see this jar. (opens it)
10 reasons why I love Ross
1.How he's happy about having a family with me
2.His personality
3.His sweet smile
4.His eyes
5.The way he cares
6.How he never gives up
7.Has always been by my side through tough times
8.His love for music
9.Always sweet to his family
10.Has never given up on me or his family

Laura;sorry it's not much

Ross;Thanks laura (smiles widely) this is so sweet & cool . I love you sweetheart

Laura;I love you too (hugs him)

Ross;(hugs back)

Enjoy ☺️

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