Raura;Introducing Adam

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Chapter 52;

(Laura & Adam get home)

Vanessa;Laur thanks for breakfast & omg is that Adam ??


Adam;Nice to see you again Nessa it's been long your so grown up now & old

Vanessa;Don't rub it in young one

Adam*laughs* okay

Riker;Woahh who's this?

Laura;This is Adam my old bestfriend . Adam meet Riker . Riker meet Adam

Adam;Nice to meet you Riker

Riker;Nice to meet you too

Rydel;Hey Laurie how you doing & who's this??

Laura;Better & this is Adam .

Rydel;Nice to meet you .

Ratliff;Woahh who's this big guy?


Ratliff;Nice to meet you Adam

Rocky;Morning guys that bed was soooo comfortable !!!& hold the phone who is this??

Vanessa;Laura's old friend Adam

Rydel;We should go to our

house & hang out !

Riker;What about ross?

Rydel;So what

Riker;okay well let's go

Laura;I don't want to go

Vanessa;c'mon let's go I'll be their

Laura;Okay let me get ready I'll be back


*Laura goes downstairs ready*

Riker;Adam want to go?

Adam;Sure just let me change I live a house down

Laura;Omg yay

-Adam leaves to get ready & comes back-

Adam;okay their I'm ready

Rocky;Let's go


Rydel;Let's go guys

-They head to the the Lynch's house-

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