Normal Day

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Hey guys sorry I didn't really update yesterday I didn't have time but here's another chapter (:

Chapter 148;

(They arrive home)

Ross;What are you guys going to do?

Rydel;I'm going out with Ellington's family .

Ratliff;Yeah so let's get going sorry we haven't spent a lot of time with you guys

Laura;Its okay we understand you guys are a couple & you guys need some time

Riker;Take care bye guys

Rydel & Ratliff;Bye

Ross;So it's just us 3.

Riker;Since your the only girl what do you want to do?

Laura;I don't know .

Ross;Why don't we just play Just Dance 4?

Riker;Ooo I'm in.

Laura;Sure I don't see why not

Ross;Okay get the controllers I'm going to get us some snacks & drinks


{They got the stuff ready & started to play}

~They finished playing~

Ross;Dam that was fun !

Laura;I know right ? we should do that more often

Riker;How long did we play?

Ross;3 straight hours.

Riker:dam I'm tired

Laura;Your so lame you get tired easily you old man

Riker;I may be old but you still love me *Winks at her*

Laura;Keep wishing

Ross;Haha are you guys hungry ?

Riker;You guys wanna eat ?


Laura;Do you guys have Go-Gourt?

Ross;Yeah. It's in the fridge

Laura;Yay I'm gonna get one

Riker;Go for it . do you guys want tacos? or pasta ?

Ross & Laura;How about both?

Riker;Okay let's go in the kitchen

{They made food & were listening to music}

Laura;What band is that?



Laura;No way !

Ross;Yes way ! we have the lyrics in the music room

Laura;Lies let me see then

Ross;Okay Riker go get it .

Riker;why me ? go yourself lazy bum

Ross;Okay okay .

{Ross goes to get the paper & comes back}

Ross;Here you go

Riker;Awesome huh?

Laura;I love this song what's it called?

Ross & Riker;Here Comes Forever

Laura;That's nice


Hope you guys enjoyed . So the new R5 video is out I was freaking out . It's Amazing 👌.

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