You Dont Trust Me Do You ?

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Chapter 323;

Ross;Okay let me go pee before we leave

Laura;Okay hurry up

Laura's POV
Well I've been waiting for ross while he went to use the restroom. I was bore and out of the no where I heard a buzz . I checked to see if it was my phone and it wasn't so then I looked around the table and saw that Ross had gotten a message I got it and unlocked it wow this is jut great . I put it down because ross was coming

Ross;Alright let's go take that walk

Laura;No I don't want to no more just take me home

Ross;but I thought we were gonna go for a walk

Laura;I don't feel good I just want to go home. And you can take that bitch that's texting you

Ross;What are you talking about ?

Laura;really your acting stupid take out your phone

Ross;Okay let's go outside so we won't make a scene here

They Go Outside To The Parking Lot

Ross;*takes out his phone*what now ?

Laura;Why don't you check your messages

Ross;Okay? Wait did you go through my phone ?

Laura;You got a text from this girl named hazel telling you 'hey sexy it's me hazel at what time are we going to hang out I've been waiting for a long time' alright you wanted to go to the park why don't you take her.

Ross;Okay first of all I don't know who the fuck is hazel or how she got my number . Second of all why are you looking through my phone ? Didn't your fucking parents teach you some manners not to go through someone's phone ?

Laura;Don't bring my parents into this . I went through your phone because I got curious alright but now that I see , you lied again

Ross;I didnt lie ! I don't know who hazel is ! You don't trust me do you ? Because if theirs no trust then what's the point of a wedding

Laura;Just take me home

Ross;Answer me !

Laura;Fine I'll just walk I'll see you at home that's if you even bother to show up *walks away*

Ross's POV~
What the fuck just happened ? Did we get in an argument again ? Ugh I'm so stupid what's wrong with me to be honest I don't know who hazel is . I got in my car too look where Laura went and man she walks fast . I was telling her to get in the car but she didn't listen she kept walking . well I was thinking of a way to make her happy oh I got an Idea ! I raced home to see her crying her eyes out I pulled Riker and Rydel aside along with Rocky .

Riker:What you do to her ?

Ross;I didn't do nothing she went through my phone and saw this message from this girl named hazel I don't even who the fuck she is .

Rydel;Do something about it

Ross;I tried but she didn't listen to me ! In some points I feel like this isn't working

Rocky;Just talk to her .make her understand

Ross;I have a plan

Riker;Which is ?

Ross;Okay remember that time you her & I were listening to music ?and Here Comes Forever came on ?

Riker;Yeah ?

Ross;Okay well I was hoping you'd all help me set her up a party also because of the baby shower

Rocky;Luckily mom and dad said not to pick them up because their was a lot of traffic

Rydel;Alright I'm in so what do we do?

Ross;Can you tell Vanessa too take her out while we all set up everything ?


Ross;Okay then thank you guys

Riker;No problem

Will The Plan Work ?
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