Your Different Now

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Chapter 221;

Vanessa;What did you need to talk to me about ?

Laura;Why are you like this now?

Vanessa;What do you mean?

Laura;You know what I mean . don't act dumb ness!

Vanessa;im not acting dumb

Laura;Okay I get it. Your pregnant but you dont have to act like a bitch.

Vanessa;I was never acting like a bitch

Laura;Dude you know Riker is madly in love with you ! but you pretty much chose Dave over Riker

Vanessa;Dave was their for me when no one was ! I always prayed for you guys to at least come & visit but you never did. Now you showed up to late

Laura;No . We couldn't because Riker was healing from the pain when you left . We got into more problems riker got in a car accident . He healed . Rydel got kidnapped by Anna . I lost my baby Vanessa Tell me how are we too late when we had problems ahead of us ?!

Vanessa;Hold it you got pregnant what the hell from who ?!?

Laura;That doesn't matter because you weren't their either so don't jump into other things

Vanessa;It does matter at least to me !

Laura;I told you forget about it but why Dave when you could've gotten back with Riker ?

Vanessa;Dave is different laur if you were me you would've understand Riker can pretty much have any girl because he's famous ! you & I are nobodies Laura face it !

Laura;He doesn't want any girl ! the only girl he wants is you Vanessa !

Vanessa;If he really wanted me he would've stopped me when I left

Laura;We respected your decision Didn't you want that? you pretty much made your decision your old enough

Vanessa;Either way I'm staying with Dave

Laura;Wow Vanessa ... Your different now ... I don't even know where my own sister went .. what happened to the old Vanessa

Vanessa;She's long gone .if you really cared about Riker why don't you get with him ?!?

Laura;No one thing is caring & the other is having feelings .I love ross not Riker . We may had a past together but that's behind us now .Okay until you go back to your old self I'll consider you a sister in this point were nothing .If parents ask say I went back to LA. See you around ness good luck on your new life bye *leaves*

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