You'll always be safe in my arms

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Chapter 129;

{They arrive to Their home }

Ross;Hey laur why don't you sleep with me tonight

Laura;I don't know

Riker;It's for your safety & in case you want something Ross Is their to get it

Vanessa;C'mon laur we want to be safe

Laura;Okay fine

Rydel;Ratliff & I are heading to bed goodnight guys

Ratliff;See you all in the morning goodnight

Laura & the rest;Goodnight

Riker;Well I'm going to bed to goodnight

Vanessa;Me too bye guys

Laura & Ross;Goodnight

Laura;Can we head up too ?

Ross;Sure *sees Laura struggling*


Ross;Come here *carries her*

Laura;Ross no I'm heavy

Ross;No your not your light why do you girls always say your heavy ?

Laura;I don't know that's how we are

Ross;No one understands you girls

Laura;& no one understands you guys either

Ross;*chuckles* alright wait here in gonna get your crutches


*Ross gets Laura's crutches & heads back upstairs*

Laura;Ugh I left my pajamas in the other room

Ross;Why don't you just wear one of my shirts?

Laura;Are you sure ?

Ross;I'm positive

Laura;okay can you turn around I'm gonna change

Ross;I'm going to the bathroom to brush my teeth I'll give you privacy

Laura;Thank you

Ross;No problem *heads to the bathroom*

Laura's POV

Ross has been pretty nice .I love how he respects me & my decisions. We'll I was changing I was struggling but I got my clothes off & put Ross's shirt on & that's when he walks in.

Ross;Wow you look amazing

Laura;*blushing* thanks

Ross;No problem *gives her a kiss in the forehead*

Laura;I'll be back I'm going to brush my teeth


*Laura goes to brush her teeth*

Ross's POV
Laura is a really nice girl i'm glad she's mine again . seeing her like this makes me sad cause I know her life is in danger . I ask myself what does Anna want from her?. Right when I ask Laura walks in.

Laura;Okay I'm done

Ross;Okay let's get in bed


*They lay down & Ross turns off the light*



Ross;I'm sorry for not protecting you ..

Laura;Hey it's okay we all didn't know this was going to happen

Ross;If I knew I would have protected you . I failed like always I'm just a failure

Laura;No Ross don't say that theirs points where we will fail but we will learn from our mistakes

Ross;I'll make sure that you'll be safe in my arms

Laura;Thanks Ross I appreciate it

Ross;No problem I have to protect what I love

Laura;Awe that's so sweet thanks though *kisses him*

*They kiss for 6 minuets straight*

Ross;I will always love you

Laura;I will always love you too

{& with they fell asleep}


Cute raura moment ;')
I'll update later (:

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