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Chapter 58;

*knock at door*

Laura;I'll get it.

-Opens the door-

Adam;Hey sweetie I brought you some flowers

Laura;Awe thanks baby your the best

Riker;You guys are so cuteeee!!!!

Laura & Adam;Thanks Riker

Laura;Come on in sweetie

Adam;Thanks honey

Ross;Laura do you think my hair is oka-


Ross;Nothing never mind


Adam;Hey Ross


Laura;Okay let me show you around the kitchen is right here , the bathroom is upstairs the other bathroom is downstairs, their are 3 guest rooms upstairs too & the pool is in the back

Riker;Woahhh you Guys have a pool ??


Riker;That's awesome


Ross;So how did you know Laura ??

Adam;I met her in school


Laura;Yeah we've known each other for like 5 years then he moved to London


Adam;Yeah I've missed you so much Laur *pecks her lips*

Ross;Can you guys not?

Laura;umm okay?

Adam;So Laura I was going to ask you if you want to hit the beach right now

Vanessa;Oooo can we go ?


Rydel;awe yeah

*they get ready & head to the car*

Riker;Laura your going to have to sit on Adams lap because theirs no room

Laura;okay is it okay with you babe?

Adam;anything for you sweetie


Ross;Can I sit somewhere else ?


Rocky;Dude just stay their


Laura;Your so cute Adam

Adam;Your super adorable

Laura;Awe *blushes*

Vanessa;You guys crack as a couple


Ratliff;I'm glad your happy Laur

Rocky;yeah me too

Laura;Thanks guys *pecks Adams lips*

Ross;Stop guys !

Laura;What's wrong with you?

Ross;You guys are getting annoying with your couple things

Laura;Well it's not my fault

Ross;*in a annoyed tone* just stop

Laura;Gees your on your man period

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!