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Chapter 348;

Lilly's POV
As soon as I heard those words 'Rocky is in the matter of life or death' I felt all my tears run down my cheeks . I looked at the doctor I could see the sadness in his eyes it's probably because of all our reactions . I look around to see Mark crying while holding Stormie in his arms . I than see the 2 babies peacefully sleeping in their car seats .It broke me more too see Ross crying while he was holding Laura into his chest . I saw Savannah crying while hugging Ryland he was crying so much his eyes were already red . What broke me even more was Rydel crying she really loves her siblings . Ratliff was trying to calm her down . The part that killed me was Rikers reaction his tears were streaming down his cheeks , it seemed so unreal seeing my family crying this way yes the Lynch's are my family now.

Doctor;Lynch family I can say you have one thing that can save Rocky.

Riker;(pleading) what is it ?

Doctor;an operation it's gonna take a while it can save him or he's gone . .

Mark;Is that the only thing you can do? (Crying)

Doctor;I'm sorry but yes .I can have each one of you to enter his room & say quite a few things to him before we take him to the operation room

Stormie;Okay thanks doctor (sobbing) Lilly you can go in first.

Lilly;(crying)okay thanks Stormie

Stormie;No problem sweetie (takes a seat)

Doctor;Follow me

Lilly;Okay (follows the doctor to Rocky's room)

Doctor;Okay as soon as your done you can call each family member one by one or to make it easier I will just send them & make them wait until your done

Lilly;Okay thank you very much

Doctor;Okay your on your own now (exits)

Lilly;(sighs) Rocky .. I really have faith that you'll make it . You don't know how devastated your family is crying their eyes out because well we don't know what's gonna happen (cries harder) No matter what happens I'll be here by your side because your the only person I love . Just staring at your lifeless body breaks me down because it hurts me to see you this way . I just want everything thing to be okay . I love you Rocky Mark Lynch . Always . (Pecks his forehead & walks out) oh hey Ratliff

Ratliff;Hey how is he ?

Lilly;Not so great

Ratliff;Oh well I'm gonna go in now

Lilly;Okay I'll see you back their (leaves)

Ratliff;(walks in) hey bud. I really hope that you get out of here soon you know .. so you can be their for your wedding raise your family with Lilly you have that girl head over heels for you . Shes really bummed about all this so are your siblings . I just want you to know that what ever happens we will always have you in our hearts . Man I remember when we first met now look at us . How you use to tease Rydel & I . Your sister really loves you . I just want everything to go back to normal . but it took lots of courage for you to try & get ross out of that date who knows what Hope could've done to ross . Cmon buddy survive this your a strong person I know you'll make now I gotta go but I'll see you when you come out wealthy & safe . (gets up & walks out)

Riker;Hey man


Riker;You okay?

Ratliff;Not at all these huge flashbacks are hitting me hard

Riker;Same here go get Rydel she's literally crying

Ratliff;will do (leaves)

Riker;(walks in & sighs) Oh Rocky why did you do this ? Bro we really need you , I didn't expect you to do this . You know no matter what we still love you & always will. I just want you to make it I don't want to loose you .Your the best brother I could've ever asked for . now that all this is happening it really sucks . Who knows what will happen . Lilly is drowning in her tears right now that girl really loves you & she's really brave for still staying even though this happened . (crying) just don't go anywhere man we really need you in this family . I'll see you when you come out (leaves)

Rydel;You done?


Rydel;Well I'm gonna go in


Rydel;(sees rockys lifeless body & cries harder) Rocky please be okay baby brother I really need you . You shouldn't have done this. All this seems so unreal . I just want you back to how you were very healthy out of all the people why did this have to happen to you ? Why now when your wedding is almost here ? Oh Rocky mom & dad can't face this why? Cause Riker has ended up in this hospital so have I also ross but not this way . I love you Rocky

Doctor;(walks in) sorry to interrupt but we have to get started on his operation

Rydel;I understand

Doctor;I apologize once again we will pass him to the operation room now . You may go back to the waiting room if you'd like

Rydel;Thanks (exits & heads back to the waiting room)

Will the operation work?😥

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