Did she loose her baby ?

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Chapter 213;

Riker;Doctor did my sister loose her baby ?

Stormie;Let the doctor speak Riker !

Riker;Okay sorry

Doctor;I'm very glad to say the baby is okay

Mark;Thank you Jesus Christ

Doctor;Okay well I know you are all worried . so if you want to see Ellington & Rydel their room 101 floor B

Laura;Thanks doc

Doctor;I'm at your service

They head to the room

Rocky;Ratliff your okay *hugs him*

Ratliff;ow careful their bro


Ratliff;Were you crying ?

Rocky;What pfft men don't cry

Ratliff;Okay sure

Rocky;Okay okay fine I was crying I was worried

Ratliff;awe thanks man

Ross;Hey delly

Rydel;Hey guys uh I have a question Ratliff can you ask them?..

Ratliff;sure did she loose her baby ? *weak*

Ross;Who wants to tell them ?

Rydel;I knew it I lost it *starts to cry*

Stormie;No sweetie don't cry

Mark;Hun you didn't loose the baby


Riker;Yes really be glad sis

Rydel;Oh my god I'm glad I didn't

Laura;Uhh yeah I'm gonna go ... Wait in the room *leaves*

Ross;I'll go get her

Rydel;Did I say something bad ?

Riker;No you didn't

Stormie;She's just hurt about her baby loss

Riker;Well it's her fault she wasn't careful

Rocky;Hey stop Riker you don't know what really happened stop being such a bitch !

Riker;Shut up

Mark;Hey cut it out


Hey how you guys been ? I hope good .

Okay so I was thinking about writing another story . idk if I should cause I hardly update the forbidden love one so I'm not sure :/ .

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