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Chapter 187;

~At the mall with the girls~

Rydel; I have a question

Laura;What is it ?

Rydel;actually 2


Rydel;1st how are you going to do it to wrap Ross's gifts

Laura;Uh can you do that for me.?


Laura;Okay what's the other question ?

Rydel;Are you ready to be a mom?

Laura;Well yeah I'm just gonna be nervous about the whole giving birth thing

Rydel;Me too

Laura;Yeah we should get home

Rydel;So we did truly spend Christmas in the hospital?

Laura;Yup sadly but theirs always next year

Rydel;True that

Laura;Let's go buy some burgers for the guys & let's get home


{They pass to a burger place & go home}

Rydel;Hey guys were home

Riker;Awe sweet you brought is burgers !

Rydel;Thank Laura she thought about it

Ratliff;Okay which one is mine?

Rydel;Okay here's a double cheese burger

Ratliff;& my drink ?

Rydel;It's right their it's the coke

Riker;Where's my drink?

Laura;Yours is the strawberry smoothie

Ross;Awe sweet what's mine?

Laura;I got you a double cheese burger with fries & a chocolate shake

Ross;Thanks babe *kisses her*

Rydel;We should watch a movie

Ross;Great idea

Riker;Let's watch a Disney movie

Rydel;Oh let's watch tangled


~They put the movie on~

Ross;You sure you don't want some of my burger cause I mean all your eating is a salad

Laura;Well yeah I want the baby to be healthy

Ross;Good point



Rydel;Oh no I was saying awe cause the movie Froze

~few moments later their was a knock~

Riker;Ross get that I'm too lazy to get up

Rydel;Your such a pig •laughs•

Riker;Gees thanks Rydel

Rydel;No problem

Ross;*opens the door & eyes widen* MOM??? *happy*

Stormie;Oh my god Ross *everyone quickly gets up*

Rydel;Oh my god you guys are back !!!

Stormie;OMSTARS Rydel what happened to your leg & Riker what happened to your arm

Mark;Nice to see you all again Riker & Rydel what happened to you guys

Ryland;Home sweet home

Rocky;Were back !!!!

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