Rydel's Friend

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Chapter 189;

Rydel;Well I'm going to sleep cause I have to get my cast off

Riker;Yeah I'm going to sleep too

Mark;Okay guys goodnight

Ryland;I have a question

Ross;What ?

Ryland;Where am I going to sleep if Laura sleeps with Ross

Laura;Oh no Ross sleeps in my room

Ryland;Okay then dad where are the suitcases ?

Mark;In the van

Stormie;Rocky & Ryland go get the stuff down . Then go shower

Ross;Laura & I are going to bed mom goodnight

~They go to bed~


The next morning

-Rydel & the rest are downstairs-

Ross;yeah tomorrow's my Birthday


Stormie;We were supposed to surprise you for your birthday but we couldn't wait so we decided to come early

Ross;Awee mom

Mark;But you'll have the best birthday ever

Ratliff;Oh he sure will

Rydel;Rocky where's Julie ?

Rocky;Oh Umm we broke up

Rydel;Why ?

Rocky;She cheated

Ryland;She didn't seem that type though

Ross;Well you know how this world is full of fake people

Rydel;True that

•Someone knocks•

Stormie;Mark can you get that I'm still doing breakfast

Mark;No problem *opens the door*

??;hi is Rydel here

Mark;Who's looking for her


Mark;No way Cindy hey come on in

Rydel;Cindy !!

Rocky;Woah who's that?

Riker;Rydels friend

Rocky;She's pretty cute

Riker;For reals dude

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