The RunAway

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Chapter 96;

Riker's POV

I can't believe Vanessa cut me off like this. She meant everything to me. I always meant everything I told her. Why did we end like this? It was almost close to our 1 month anniversary of being together. I'm not planning into moving out of this room only once a while to check on Laura to see how she's doing ... I can't do this no more I need Vanessa she's my life.No matter what I'll never forget her or our memories.


Laura's POV

I decided to run away the last words I said "This is my new beginning" That's when I packed everything I needed. I got out through the window but made sure the cameras were off & they were. I'm ready to get over Ross & start my new beginning. I went to this cabin I found while I was walking I checked to see anyone lived their but it seemed to be abandoned. I dropped off my bags & put a lock on the door before I left to get some supplies. When I got to the store I got the necessary things like Curtains,Soap,Toilet paper,blankets,Paper so I can decorate the walls & some food so I can at least eat & not starve to death. I left a note back at the Lynch's I hope they all do better without me including Nessa. They won't care any way. I just don't want nobody to get hurt because of me .
This is it my new fresh start .

What do you guys think? Well poor Laura :( .

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