Why didnt you tell us

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Chapter 342;

The Next Morning

Ross;Goodmorning beautiful (smiles)

Laura;Goodmorning my Rossy well I'm gonna get up & leave Royce's bag ready

Ross;Okay so I'm taking him with the guys tuxedo shopping ?

Laura;Do you want to ?

Ross;Yeah I don't mind

Laura;Okay (smiles)thanks ross

Ross;No problem sweetheart just remember your getting your dress soon (winks)

Laura;I know & I'm happy about it

Ross;Great now let's get ready were supposed to be at my mothers house at 9:30 & it's already 8:20

Laura;Alright I'm gonna get Ryder ready

Ross;Okay .

Laura went to Ryder's room quickly changed him . she then saw Rydel & Ratliff rushing too get Rosalie ready .As soon as they got ready they rushed out to head to stormies house

Stormie;hey kids

Ross;Hey are you guys ready?

Vanessa;Oh sorry I forgot to tell you that were not going till tomorrow . Riker & I are gonna go see about our reception & cake


Ratliff;why didn't you tell us ?


Riker;Sorry we forgot

Laura;We rushed for nothing

Rydel;Okay than Ratliff and I are gonna go back home see you later (they leave)

Rosa;Laura & I are gonna go eat some breakfast bye

Vanessa;bye take care

Laura;will do (they leave)

(In the car)

Laura;Where are we going ?

Ross;Denny's from their we can maybe go somewhere else


Ross;What do we have to see about our wedding ?

Laura;You still have to go see about your tuxedo . I still have to see about my wedding dress. The invitations . our cake . the bridesmaids dresses

Ross;Thank god we still have time unlike Vanessa & Riker their rushing things

Laura;Yeah they are

Ross;But it is their decision we can't do nothing but it's bad for Vanessa because she's pregnant

Laura;Yeah Goodluck to her

Ross;How many weeks is she anyway?

Laura;Around 1 week & a half or maybe 2 weeks

Ross;Okay I see



Laura;I don't know if you noticed or sensed it but I think Ryder pooped

Ross;I'm not changing him

Laura;Thanks for your help (sarcastic)

Ross;Your welcome (chuckles) don't worry right now well change him

Laura;Well hurry I don't want him to get a rash

Ross;Will do . did you ever wonder what would life had been if we never met each other?


Ross;Yeah I do too .

Laura;That'll be weird to picture

Ross;I tried to but it didn't work


Ross;Thanks your weird too

Laura;Not as much as you though

Ross;Okay sure

Sorry for a lame chapter im sorry I didn't really update 😅

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