It ends here

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Chapter 141;

Vanessa;I hate you Ross !! why did you do this now ??

Ross;I'm sorry Vanessa I got caught up

Vanessa;But you knew I was going to get married

Ross;But you still went along with it !

Vanessa;I'm done here bye *goes in her room*

{Vanessa goes in her room gets an empty box & a pice of paper}

•The note•

Dear Riker ,
I wanted to give you this ring back because I don't deserve to marry a loyal guy like you . I know I messed up right now by kissing Ross . you & I both know that I still like you . I just didn't think we'd end like this I know you hate me but if you want someone loyal to marry & be with forever that's Laura she didn't deserve this either . I'm a jerk & bitch to what I did . I'm just I don't know but I know it ends here . I put the ring in the box put it on someone that deserves to marry you

[Vanessa gets up & slides the box under Riker's door]

Laura;*hugging Riker * it's okay Riker don't cry. .

Riker;Laura it hurts a lot I really loved her

Laura;Riker theirs a box near the door

Riker:Can you get it?


{Gets the box & hands it to Riker}

Riker;Thanks laur

Laura;No problem

{Riker reads the note}

Laura;What is it?

Riker;A note from Vanessa she gave me back the ring *crying even more*

Laura;It's okay Riker let it out *rubs his back*


I literally cried writing this I don't know why .

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