Please Don't Go

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Chapter 145;

Riker;So ?

Vanessa;I loved it

Riker;Really? •smiles•

Vanessa;Yes well anyway I have to go I'm going to get packing since I'm gonna leave

Riker;No Vanessa please don't go. Look I know we've had a problem today but I can't let you go knowing that the love of my life is moving away

Vanessa;I'm sorry Riker but I have to go I'll be back I promise


{Rydel puts her hand on Riker's Shoulder}

Rydel;Hey it's maybe for the best if she goes Riker their are plenty other girls c'mon .

Riker;yeah their plenty other girls but Vanessa's different.

Laura;Hey at least she'll come back

Ratliff;If you truly love her you would want her to be happy Riker think about it

Ross;when is your flight ?

Vanessa;6 in the morning

Laura;Why so early?

Vanessa;Cause I want to get their early you know?


Riker;Okay if this is what you want well I want you to take this {hands her a necklace}

Vanessa;Thank you Riker *hugs him*

Ross;We will miss you

Rydel;A lot


Vanessa;Yes ?

Laura;Thanks for everything

Vanessa;No problem *hugs laura*


I think I just cried . Comment if you want another chapter ((:

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