Your Moving ?

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Chapter 244;

Ross;Well Were going to bed

Riker;So am I

Rocky;That cake hit the spot goodnight guys

They All Head To Bed


The Next Morning

Ratliff;Hey good morning guys


Ross;Where's delly ?

Ratliff;She's getting dressed

Rocky;I'm hungry

Laura;Your always hungry so it doesn't surprise me . Besides where are Stormie & Mark ?

Ryland;Still sleeping . you wanna make us breakfast ?

Ross;No way in hell she's doing that

Riker;True . she can get hurt .

Rocky;Fine I'll cook how hard can it be ?

Ross;No Rocky remember last time you cooked you almost burned down the house ?

Rocky;Never Mind than you cook

Ross;Okay. what do you guys want ?

Riker;Uhh well the usual strawberry & banana pancakes with sausages . also egg & bacon

Ryland;Well help you


A few minuets later Rydel walks in

Ross;Hey delly

Rydel;Hey good morning guys

Ross;Oh by the way laur after this were gonna look at the house we've been looking at .

Riker;Woahh what do you mean a house ?

Ross;Yeah a place where Laura & I can live in . Which is the house Laura & I liked

Ryland;That wasn't the deal .

Ross;Wow really now you guys are gonna get mad.?

Rydel;I think it's great that you want your own home .

Rocky;I think you guys should move besides you guys are raising a family I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be the only child you guys are gonna want .

Laura;I don't want you guys to get mad at ross just cause we want to move . I understand he's your brother , but we do need our privacy . Anyway you guys are family & your welcome any time if we do get the house .

Riker;Okay I understand , I guess we can say I'm a little upset .

Ryland;Yeah I agree with Riker . we get it now you guys are gonna soon get married .

Ross;Well okay .

Ratliff;That's great that you guys decided this . I thought Rydel & I were gonna be the first ones to move out .

Ross;Yeah let's eat .


Few Minuets Later They Finish Eating

Ross;Okay Laura hurry were gonna leave


Rydel;Goodluck guys hope you guys find a house .

Ross;I have an Idea ...

Ratliff;What ?

Laura;Are you thinking what I'm thinking ross ?

Ross;Yes we're on the same page babe . why don't you guys come with us .

Laura;If we get the house you guys can move in with us .

Rydel;Really ???

Ross;Yes !

Ratliff;That sounds awesome I'm totally in

Rydel;Me too .

Ross;Well let's go see the house .

They Head To The House

Ross;Okay let's go the owner is inside

Rydel;Okay this is exciting . *they head in*

Owner;Hello their you must be ross I'm the owner of this house which is more like a mansion

Ross;Nice to meet you .

Owner;Okay so let me show you around . right here are the 4 restrooms . Upstairs we have the 9 rooms . across from the rooms are 2 extra rooms for example like these young ladies are pregnant they can create it as a yoga room or whatever you'd like. Then the attic is upstairs . the main room has a restroom in its own room the other room is the second main room which also has a restroom so theirs 6 restrooms in Total . Then theirs the kitchen & the dining room .Theirs 10 closets one is an extra in case .You guys have a screening room which has theatre seats . Theirs also a jacuzzi & a pool . So if you'd like the house all you have to do is sign the papers cause you guys already did the payment 3 days ago .

Rydel;You guys did?

Laura;Yeah .


Owner;So would you guys like the mansion or house whatever you'd guys like to call it .

Ross & Laura;Well take it

Owner;Okay sign here & you can start moving in whenever you'd like

Rydel;Okay thank you

Ross;Do you have a pen.?

Owner;Yes here you go *gives him a pen*

Ross;*signs* here you go

Owner;Okay now this property is yours & pretty much the whole thing is have a good day sir .

Laura;You too thank you

Ross;Let's go home so we can tell mom & dad

They head home

Stormie;hey guys

Ross;Hey we need to talk to you

Mark;is it bad?

Rydel;I don't know kinda

Stormie;Were listening

Ross;So we found a home & the 4 of us decided to get the place which means we're moving

Stormie;Your moving ?


Ross;Yeah we're moving

Stormie;awe you guys are growing up to fast . I'm good as long as you guys are together

Laura;Thanks Stormie

Stormie;No problem

Mark;When are you guys gonna start moving out of here ?

Ross;Right now would be good

Mark;Okay I'll get your brothers so the can help

Rydel;yay !! I'm so excited

Laura;Me too !

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