He Doesn't Deserve This !

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Chapter 350;

Nurse;Please I'm gonna need you guys to get out (pushing the lynch family back)

Stormie;But my son ! (Sobbing)

(They go back to the waiting room)

Riker;He doesn't deserve this !(crying)

Ross;he never did in the 1st place

(Back in the room)

Doctor;(gets the defibrillator and quickly presses it onto Rocky's chest)

Rocky;(Jumps up but stays still)

Doctor;(puts the defibrillator again onto Rocky's chest)

Rocky;(jumps and stays still)

Nurse;Were loosing him I don't think this is working

Doctor;Lets not give up here (puts the defibrillator on Rocky's chest again)

Rocky;(jumps up & stays still)

Doctor;We lost him .. (Disappointed)


Doctor;I better go tell them family


Doctor;You get everything else ready

(Heads to the waiting room)

Mark;Is my son okay?


Doctor;(looks down)

Ross;This isn't good is it?

Doctor;(shakes his head)I'm sorry Lynch family but ..

(Back in the room)

Rocky's POV
All I had in my mind was . Am I dead ? I've been trying to open my eyes but I can't all I see is black . Before anything I heard Lilly crying I heard everyone being so upset it kills me . I can't open my eyes no matter how hard I try my last thoughts where 'is this really the end? I'm not gonna marry the love of my life & watch our baby grow up ?' Thats when I quickly realized that everything was worth it saving ross from that date . who knows what could have happened. I felt wires & a needle in my arm .

Nurse;(About to disconnect all the wires)

Rocky;(Gasps with his eyes wide open)

Nurse;(shocked)Rocky?oh my god your not dead

Rocky;W-wheres (weak) m-my f-family ?

Nurse;I'll be right back . (rushes to the waiting room)

Doctor;This is gonna hurt me to tell you this

Vanessa;Just tell us for Petes sake (disappointed)

Doctor;Rocky's dea- (gets interrupted by the nurse)

Nurse;Doctor ! Rocky is alive ! Hurry up .

Doctor;(looks at the Lynch's)Your sons a lucky one (rushes back to the room)

Laura;(tears of joy)

Stormie;(hugs Mark) he's alive (happy)

Mark;Praise the lord

Lilly;(crying of joy)

Ryland;Thank you Jesus Christ . Group hug !

(They all hug)

Rydel;When are we gonna see him ?

Ratliff;Lets be patient

Rocky's alive !!🙌💗
Hope you enjoy 😌💕

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