Raura;Ross's POV

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Chapter 65;

Ross's POV;Well I eventually got Laura back but I don't know if she actually likes me I know I messed up the 1st time . I really got to give her props because she took me back even when I told her all those hurtful things . I didn't mean to tell her all that I just got caught up because I saw Anna again but honestly Anna is nothing like Laura . when I kissed Anna I didn't feel no sparks but when I kiss Laura man it's like my world is complete I feel butterflies & sparks. she may be insecure but yet I like her for who she is not her looks . Anna may have been rude when she said those things to Laura it really hurt my heart . Laura & I may have gotten in a fight but I'm learning from my mistakes . I regret doing what I did . I have to confront Laura & tell her my biggest secret . What if she leaves me after I tell her this? no I can't tell her I have to though cause or else one of my brothers will blow it for me. How am I going to do this ?

{What do think Ross is hiding?😏}

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