No Worries

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Chapter 363;
(The Next Morning)

Ross;(wakes up & heads downstairs)

Rydel;Hey ross

Ross;Hey delly

Rydel;Why were you in the guest room?


Rydel;did you & Laura get in an argument?

Ross;No it's just a disagreement I think .

Rydel;lets hear it

Ross;Okay so I want to have more kids with her but she doesn't want too anymore I think

Rydel;Wow . (taking a bite out of her pancakes) well maybe she will change her mind

Ross;Yeah I know

Rydel;How was yesterday?

Ross;Alright Maia came through

Rydel;The Aussie girl?


Rydel;She's pretty nice

Ross;Yeah I guess she's pregnant


Ross;Yeah 7 months she's having a girl .

Rydel;That's awesome

Ratliff;(walks in) morning

Ross;Goodmorning . Hey delly did Laura tell you that your gonna be her maid of honor?

Rydel;Wait what?

Ross;Never mind

Laura;(walks in) morning


Rydel;oh yeah ross mom said when your done cake testing you gotta go to her house so they can call our cousins to come for your wedding

Ross;Alright .

Laura;Oh yeah delly I wanted to tell you if you want to be my maid of honor I know it's a little late but yeah so would you ?

Rydel;Of course I honestly thought you'd ask Nessa

Laura;No she really wasn't here as much as you were for me so thank you

Rydel;No problem laur

Laura;(looks at Ross)

Ross;(looks at Laura)

Rydel;Were gonna leave because we're gonna look for your hairstylist with mom & the girls

Laura;Okay thanks

Ratliff;I see you all later (gets Rosalie)

Rydel;bye guys (they leave)

Ross;Hey look I'm sorry about yesterday

Laura;No worries

Ross;Are we good?

Laura;Yeah we're good (smiles)

Ross;Okay good cause I don't like getting im arguments or disagreements with you

Laura;Same here

Ross;let's eat so we can go cake testing from their we gotta buy more diapers for ryder & then off to my moms house

Laura;Sounds like a plan

Ross & Laura eat their breakfast while thinking about their wedding & discussing about their honeymoon . They finished their breakfast got ryder ready & they left to do their cake testing

I put up the picture of Laura's wedding dress for those of you that didn't get a chance to see it 😘vote/comment💞

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