So Were Never Happening Again?

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Chapter 165;

Laura;Ross wait how did you read that paper ?

Ross;Well cause when I came back from my date I went to check on you I saw that you had a bucket of ice cream . you were watching the notebook I decided to tuck you in bed & when I was walking out I saw the paper on the floor I got curious I read it well I saw what you wrote

Laura;Oh I've must've not paid attention when I threw it . well yeah . Umm can I tell you something ?


Laura;when I found out that you got with Lindsay I wanted to cry but I held it when I got in the car with Ratliff I let it all out

Ross;Yeah I saw it in your eyes you held everything in •grabs Laura hand• I know I've been a jerk to you & I know I mess up a lot . I lost you already . I know you still love me . Trust me I love you too if I had a chance to go back trust me I would in a heart beat . laur you mean everything to me when I saw you I literally felt alive again . Laura i wish you had a chance to see how much I truly love you .

Laura;Look Ross I'm sorry to say this but you & I are not happening no more . yeah we had our chances . we blew them by making mistakes . Well yeah I can say you were my first love but it sucked how you left me for Anna . then you thought i had a thing with riker . Now when I just wanted to know if you truly liked my sister you got mad . I know we had a rough past. I know I don't have to see how much you like me but can we at least try to be friends ? for the sake of your brother please try Ross cause I really don't wanna seem like a slut breaking up with Riker then getting with you . Give me time . If I still feel something for you then I will give you another chance if I don't then Riker is my meant to be .

Ross;Take all the time you need . I just want you to choose wisely & don't make a mistake with my brother . he does deserve you more than I ever did. I wish you guys the best •gets up•

Laura;Thanks Ross it means a lot

Ross;No problem •holding his tears in•

Laura;You okay?

Ross;Why wouldn't I be ?

Laura;Cause seems like you want to cry from what I just told you .

Ross;•starts to cry• you know what just don't come near me that's the only way I'll get over you •sobbing•

Laura;But Ross I didn't mean it like that

Ross;bye •leaves to his room•

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