Drama ? Or Drama Free?

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Chapter 287;

Laura;Yeah .

Lizbeth;Well don't worry


Lizbeth;Cause I'm not those type of girls

Rydel;What do you mean ?

Riker & Vanessa Walk In

Vanessa;Hey laura , delly , ratliff , Rocky , & girl I don't know . sorry what's your name ?

Riker;Wait is it Lizbeth ?

Vanessa;Whos Lizbeth ?

Riker;Ross's Ex

Vanessa;Another one ?

Ratliff;Hope was a friend of ross this is Lizbeth they dated for a couple of months

Lizbeth;Things didn't work out , but anyways it's nice too meet you

Vanessa;Nice too meet you

Riker;Lizbeth this is my fiancé

Rydel;So you didn't finish telling us

Riker;One question . I'm gonna ask , Drama ? Or Drama Free?

Lizbeth;Drama free don't worry I'm not like that I came to visit ross but seems like he's not here

Ratliff;Don't remind us

Lizbeth;Do you mind me asking where is he at ?

Laura;He's hanging out with someone

Rocky;The thing that sucks is that he sorta ditched laura too hang out with his old friend hope

Lizbeth;That sucks .I'm so sorry about that . awe your pregnant how many months ?


Lizbeth;That's cute what's the gender ?

Laura;A boy

Lizbeth;Its Ross's right?

Laura;Yeah technically we were supposed to have one a few months ago but I Umm lost it .

Lizbeth;I'm sorry about that

Rocky;Are you guys hungry ?

Laura;Not really

Rydel;No we ate already

Rocky;Well I wasn't gonna offer any oh by the way Lilly will come in a while

Riker;What she say anyway ?

Rocky;She said yes


Lizbeth;are you & delly engaged too ?

Ratliff;Yeah we have a daughter

Lizbeth;How cute where is she ?

Rydel;Well I just finished breast feeding her like 10 minutes ago I believe she likes too sleep a lot

Lizbeth;That's nice

A Few Moments Later

Lilly;Hey guys


Rocky;Your here


Laura;What time is it?


Ratliff;He'll be here don't worry

Rydel;its 8;57 he should've been here by now

Lizbeth;I'm gonna get going guys

Laura;Wait .would you like too stay over ?




Vanessa;Don't worry laur he'll be here

Laura;no he's not you know what sucks ? Getting ditched ! *leaves crying*

Rocky;Poor girl

Ryland & Savannah Walk in



Ryland;Where's ross ?

Lilly;He still hasn't come back

Savannah;that sucks !

Hey Guys hope you enjoyed the chapter ☺️. Question is where's ross ?

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