Shes Gonna Be A Problem

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Chapter 162;

{They head home}

Rydel;I dont know how you did it in crutches Laura

Laura;•laughs• you'll get used to it

Riker;I'm starving eating hospital food is not the deal

Rydel;I know

Ross;Why don't Laura & I make you guys food

Ratliff;Okay I'll set up the table

Riker;it's cold •shivers• I'm gonna get the chimney started

Rydel;I guess I'll help you

Ratliff;Are you sure you can walk babe? I mean you should rest

Rydel;Ugh okay fine

Ross;okay . Laura let's go in the kitchen


Ross;Can Lindsay come?

Laura;Why are you asking me? I'm not your mom.

Ross;Okay then •texts Lindsay•

Laura;So she's coming ?

Ross;Yeah she'll be here in a bit what should we make?

Laura;Mm what about mashed potatoes wit Mac & cheese with some steak or pasta?

Ross;I'd go with steak & also some salad

Laura;Okay so it's gonna be mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese with steak along with salad ?

Ross;Yup let's get cooking

{They cook}

-A few moments later-

•knock at the door•

Riker;I'll get it

Rydel;Who is it ?

Riker;•opens the door• oh hey Lindsay

Rydel;•rolls her eyes• ugh she's here

Ratliff;hey sweetie calm down

Lindsay;I'm here cause Ross invited me to dinner

Ross;oh hey babe you made it •kisses her•

Laura;Ross do you mind serving your girlfriend her food?

Ross;No problem

Riker;babe have a seat I'll serve you the food •pecks Laura's lips•

Laura;No mister you have a broken arm you sit down & I'll serve your food okay? Ratliff serve some door for delly

Ratliff;I'm on it. Delly take a seat

Ross,here you go love •sets the plate in front of Lindsay•


{They all serve their food & sit down to eat}

Rydel;So I heard you & Riker are a thing •winks at Laura•

Laura;•blushes• yeah Ratliff made me realize how much I truly like Riker

Riker;Thanks buddy

Ratliff;No problem

Riker;Who made the steak ?

Ross;Laura did it's good right?

Riker;correction delicious

Rydel;I agree

Ratliff;me too

Laura;thanks guys

Lindsay;actually the steak is a bit dry

Rydel;Your mouth is dry Laura's food is good

Lindsay;look "diva" or however you call yourself were not gonna argue over something stupid.

Ross;Hey Lindsay chill

Rydel;•gets a spoon full of mashed potatoes & throws it at Lindsay• that's what you get you !

Lindsay;oh hell no

Riker;Hey Ross get your girlfriend out of here she's gonna be a problem

Ratliff;Delly chill c'mon babe your better than that

Lindsay;*kicks Rydels hurt leg on purpose*

Rydel;ow ow ow Ratliff ow ow

Ratliff;What's wrong?

Rydel;She kicked me fuck

Ratliff;Where ?

Rydel;In my hurt leg E-Rat

Ratliff;What the hell Lindsay !

Laura;Oh hell no

Ross:Stay away from her •goes in front of Lindsay•

Riker;What the hell Ross she kicked Rydel & Rydel is hurt your gonna protect her instead of your family ?

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!