Doctor's Appointment

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Chapter 150;
Ross' P.O.V

Riker and I took Laura to the hospital to get her leg checked out since she was in pain. We were sitting in Laura's room with her and the doctor came in and said that everything is fine but she has to take some medicine to keep it from hurting. Then all of us headed back to my house. When we got there I carried Laura up to my room for her to rest.

~At home~

Ross;Riker get Laura off the car I'll get her crutches


|They go in the house|

Ross;So what do you guys wanna do?

Riker;I'm just gonna take a nap I guess

Laura;No stay

Riker;Okay .

Ross;Do you at least want to play something or just talk?


Riker;I agree with laura.

Ross;Hey Laura will your parents ever come to LA?

Laura;I don't think so.

Riker;Are you gonna look off a school?

Laura;No what's the point I'm 19 already



Ross;So, have you had a boyfriend beside Joshua?

Laura;Yeah his name was Matt .


Laura;Did you guys have any girlfriends well of course Ross beside Anna .

Riker;Yeah I dated a girl named Ashley


Laura;How long ?

Ross;2 months

Riker;a year

Laura;Damn ...


Sorry for the lame chapters :/

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