Decorating Time

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Chapter 238;

The Next Morning

Ross;Oh shit Laura wake up its 6;50

Laura;Oh my god ross were in trouble !

Ross;I know just hurry

Laura;Okay but one thing I'm pregnant !

Ross;Fine it's okay I'll take the blame for it

Laura;No ross . Let's just hurry up



Rocky;Why did you want us to wake up so early?

Ratliff;Cause that's the time ! Look guys after where done with this day I'll take you out to get milkshakes the next day

Riker;Fine !

Ryland;You know I could've still been in bed !

Mark;Stop complaining guys !

Stormie;Guys really be quiet we don't want to wake up Rydel. where are ross & Laura ?

Riker;I don't know

Laura & Ross Come Down

Ratliff;Okay great your all here !

Ross:Yeah sorry were a bit late

Mark;Better late than never

Riker;Yeah right

Laura;Dam chill dude !

Rocky;Okay guys lets not argue I get were all tired right now but let's do it for Delly she deserves this

Ryland;I agree

Ratliff;Okay so what it's already 7:05 . Okay Mommy Stormie you can start making breakfast . Riker & Rocky get the decorations out of your parents car & put them in the garage . Ross broom real quick in the back . Mark you can start helping ryland take out the Dj set . & Laura you can help ross . Ryland make sure to close the curtain . Okay everyone start .

Few Minutes Later

Ross;Were done

Ratliff;Okay great ! Now the timing is going good Rydel will be down any minute everyone act natural

Ryland;Alright tell that to Rocky

Rocky;Excuse me ? I can keep a secret . unlike you ! you have a big mouth .

Riker;Okay guys enough .

Mark;Thank you Riker

Rydel Comes down

Ratliff;Good morning

Rydel;Hey guys good morning your all up early .

Ross;Yeah we went to sleep like 5 minutes after you went to sleep .

Rydel;Wow about time


Stormie;Here's breakfast delly .

Rydel;Thanks mom . Can I get some coffee ?

Mark;No coffee have some tea

Rydel;yay tea !!

Rocky;Would you like some tea Laura ?

Laura;Sure if you guys don't mind

Riker;I'll get it cause I'm gonna get orange juice any one want something to drink ?

Ross;I'll have tea


Ryland;Same I want juice

Ratliff;I want tea

Riker;Okay .

They Finished Eating Breakfast

Ratliff;Delly you ready cause we're going out

Rydel;Yeah wait were we going ?

Ratliff;Were gonna go to the mall & do baby shopping

Rydel;Yay can Laura come along ?

Ross;Oh sorry delly but Laura & I had plans

Rydel;Awe man ! it's cool

Laura;Sorry Delly I'll take you shopping next time

Rydel;okay you said your word

Laura;Yes .

Ratliff;Okay babe lets go

Rydel;Okay. mom , dad I'll be back im gonna go shopping with Ratliff

Stormie;Okay have fun !

Mark;Take care see you later .

They Leave

Ross;Okay guys in the living room now !

Mark;Okay guys Ratliff left me a clip board . Well put Laura in charge because she can't carry nothing heavy & we have to be careful that we don't hit her in the stomach .

Riker;Okay .

Rocky;Laura , would you like to care & tell us what were supposed to do ?

Laura;Sure . Okay so Stormie & Mark are in charge of the food . Ross & Riker You guys are in charge of decorating the whole area in the back which means to put the stringers & The baby stuff around too . Rocky & Ryland are in charge of putting table cloths & Also getting the baby baskets we did . I'll go get those .

Ross;No . Like my dad said we can't Risk you at this time I'll go get them where's the box ?

Laura;In my closet

Ryland;I'll go get it .

Rocky;Okay let's get started

Stormie;Question who's gonna get the cake ?

Ross;Laura & I can go after I'm done .

Stormie;Okay let's get this place ship shape .

Ross;Okay let's start .Laura would you like to cut the tape so Riker & I can tape the stuff ?


Ross;Okay .

They Start To Decorate

Ross;Wow this cool .!

Riker;Yes it is .Okay ross it's 1 start heading to get the cake & hurry up because you guys still have to get dressed .

Ross;Okay . Laura let's go

Laura;Okay we'll be back .

They Head To The Bakery

Cashier;Hello young man . how can I help you ?

Ross;We came to pick up a cake

Cashier;Okay what's your name ?

Ross;My name is ross

Laura;But we came to pick up a cake & the cake is under the name Ellington Ratliff .

Cashier;Okay let me see . Is it for a baby shower ?

Ross & Laura;Yes

Cashier;Okay that'll be $38.99

Ross;Okay here you go *pays*Thank you mam have a good day

Cashier;You too bye.

They Leave & Head Home


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