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Chapter 276;

Rydel;Okay so what store?

Vanessa;I prefer to go get our hair done first then our nails

Lilly;I agree with her

Rydel;Okay than . lets go

Laura;Guys walk slow


Savannah;How many months are you anyway ?

Laura;I'm gonna be 7 tomorrow

Rydel;How cute

They Head Inside The Hair Salon

Lady;Hello young ladies how may we help you today?

Rydel;I want to cut my tips from my hair & get a pedicure

Lady #1;Okay follow me

Laura;Well I just want to dye my tips again ombré highlights & I want to get a manicure

Lady #2;Okay let's go follow me

Savannah;Well I just want to do my nails

Lady #3;Okay sit here I'll be right with you

Lilly;I also just want to do my nails

Lady #4;Okay sit next to her well get to you in a second

Vanessa;I'm just gonna want to cut my hair tips

Lady #5;Okay then just have a seat right here


With The Boys

Riker;Lets just go in this store


They go in the jewelry store

Man;Hello young men what would you like today ?

Riker;I'm looking for a proposal ring but can I have a few minutes to look around ?

Man;Sure thing ,just call me I'm Mr.Ramirez .

Ross;Okay thank you Mr.Ramirez

Mr.Ramirez;No problem

Ryland;Hey Ellington may I carry Rosalie she looks frustrated in the stroller

Ratliff;SureI don't see why not *gets her out carefully*here you go *hands Rosalie to ryland*

Rocky;So what kind of ring your looking for.?

Riker;Not to over exaggerated

Ross;So a one of a kind ring ?

Riker;Yeah . well let's look

Ryland;I found one that's really nice come


They Head Where Ryland's At

Ross;Wow this ring is really nice

Riker;It's perfect

Ryland;I knew you'd like it

Ratliff;Good eye Ry Ry

Riker;Can one of you guys call Mr.Ramirez ?

Ross;I'll do it *yells* mr.ramirez

Riker;I said call not yell

Ross;Oh well too bad

Rocky;Typical ross

Mr.Ramirez;Yes ?

Riker;Id like to get this ring right here

Mr.Ramirez;Lets see . ahh good choice ! okay let's get stared with this would you like something written in it ?

Riker;No it's okay like that .

Mr.Ramirez;Okay follow me

Riker Follows mr.ramirez while the others wait outside . Riker comes out the proposal ring in a box & puts it in his pocket

Ross;So how are you going to do it ?

Ryland;Well since we haven't had a cooked meal why don't we make dinner for the girls . When you feel ready then just do it

Ross;I like that !

Riker;Wow your smart ry , Great idea !

Rocky;About time he thinks

Ratliff;haha that's mean

Riker;Well let's get going to the other store

The boys;Okay

Hey hope you enjoy 💘sorry for the boring chapter😪 but the ring is on top {picture} 💘.

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