Raura;Getting Things Ready

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Chapter 40;
Ross;Riker the hearts are perfect!


Rocky;What music would you want ?

Ross;Doesn't matter as long as it's good!

Rocky;okay anything else?

Ross;Did you get the strawberries out of the car?

Rocky;yeah !

Ross;Let's set the table

Rocky;Okay !

Ratliff;Ross here are the yellow roses

Ross;okay thanks Ratliff bring me one of the yellow ones!

Ratliff;here you go what are you going to do?

Ross;*rips the petals from the rose &spreads it through the table*

Ratliff;Nice !!

Ross;Okay now the white ones with blue

Ratliff;alright here !

Ross;*does the same thing*

Rataliff;Hold on I'm going to get the candles



Ross;Do you have the banner?

Rydel;yes Riker is going to put it up

Riker;their you go ! let me put light hearts around it

Ross;Okay were done guys !



Rydel;Wait here !
*walks out with a tiara & a crown*

Ross;What's this ?

Rydel;I bought it for your special night the tiara is for Laura & the crown for you !

Ross;oh my gosh thank you so much Rydel .

Rydel;No problem now let's get you ready !


Riker;Wait let me put a camera so it can recored your special night *gets camera & sets it up*

-With Laura & Vanessa-

Laura;I love my dress !

Vanessa;It's cute !

Laura;I know !

Vanessa;Let's go !

Laura;okay can I just put it on in the car?

Vanessa;sure *grins*

Laura;okay it's cute I like the silver around it especially since it's white plus my white heels !

Vanessa;Perfect !

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