No It's Not Time

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Chapter 280;

The Next Morning

Ross;Morning laura


Ross;Your officially 7 months today

Laura;I thought you forgot

Ross;Why would I forget a day like this

Laura;I don't know

Ross;Your a dork lets go downstairs


They Get Ready & Head Downstairs


Ratliff;Goodmorning sun shines


Laura;Where are the rest?

Rydel;Well Riker & Vanessa left to the beach ,Rocky & Lilly went on a picnic ,Ryland & Savannah well they didn't tell us exactly where they were going but I'm pretty sure they went to her house

Ross;Awe Rosalie is awake

Ratliff;Yeah she cried all night

Rydel;She's a morning person

Laura;I kinda figured

Rydel;Yeah what are you gonna do today?

Ross;I don't know

Rydel;Well Umm ratliff do you want to tell ross ?

Ross;Tell me what?

Ratliff;okay so your sister & I are planning our wedding it's not gonna be until December or so .

Laura;That's nice.!

Rydel;I know Right ?

Ratliff:As I was saying , well would you like to be my best man?

Ross;Are you serious?


Ross;Of course bro , Id honestly think you'd ask Rocky

Ratliff;I was but you've supported your sister & I more .so thank you

Ross;No problem

Laura;Can I C-carry *breathing heavily*

Ross;Woah Laura are you okay?

Rydel;Contraction? Tell me it's a contraction

Ratliff;Wait Laura breathe in & out

Laura;*breathes in & out*

Rydel;Give her some space & air guys


Ratliff;You okay?

Ross;I'm sure she is

Laura;I'm fine I don't know I just got a contraction . anyway

Ross;It's not time yet . She still needs this month & next month

Rydel;Well eat healthy . The last month counts more

Laura;Thanks for telling me

Ratliff;Oh Guys would you like to go on a double date tonight ?

Rydel;What about Rosalie?


Ratliff:My mom & dad can watch her

Rydel;Well okay

Laura;Just make sure to pump some breast milk . & she'll be fine


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