Raura;Movie Night & Games

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Chapter 6;

-the movie finished the guys & girls were thinking of a game to play-

Rocky;Why don't we just play a game of truth or dare?

Everyone;Yeah !

Riker;Okay let's get in a circle

*They get in a circle*

Ross;So who spins the bottle?

Riker; I will !

Rydel;Okay let's get to the game !

-Ross spins the bottle & landed on Rydel-

Laura;Truth or Dare?


Rocky;Is it true you like Ratliff ?

Rydel;*blushes* no I don't like him

Rocky;Okay you sure don't

Vanessa; Can I spin it?


-Spins & lands on Ross-

Riker;Truth or dare

Ross;hmmm dare

Rydel;Okay let's see

Riker;I dare you to give a peck to Laura on the lips


Rocky;It's a dare c'mon

Laura;Okay that's true

Ross;So it's okay with you?

Laura;Yeah sure

*Ross & Laura Lean in*

(Ross POV; I felt sparks when my lips were against hers)

(I'll update the last part of this chapter later)

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