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Chapter 28;

*With Ross & Laura*

Ross;I'm so pumped for this ride!

Laura;Me too !

Ross;Hey speaking of rides the next one is the hammer who ever comes out with their eyes watery owes a long kiss to whoever wins from both of us. Deal?

Laura;Deal !


Laura;Let's go!

-with Rocky & Julie-

Julie;How old are you?

Rocky;19 & you ?


Rocky;that's nice

Julie;Yeah what do you do for fun?

Rocky;Sing & you?

Julie;Play sports I'm in a softball team & also soccer

Rocky:Wow that's awesome !

-With Rydel & Ratliff-

Ratliff;That was really fun let's go


Ratliff;Is that Rocky?

Rydel;Yes let's go with him

Ratliff;Hey Rocky !

Rocky;Hey E-Rat what are you guys doing here?

Rydel;We came to get on this ride

Rocky;Great well this is Julie , Julie that's my sister Rydel & her boyfriend Ratliff

Rydel & Ratliff;Nice to meet you

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