Ross & Riker

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Chapter 168;

•Ross bumps into Riker•

Ross;Hey bro


Ross;What are you doing ?

Riker;Nothing I was just gonna get something to drink.

Ross;Oh dude Rydel is acting strange...

Riker;What do you mean?

Ross;well we were talking & I asked where Ratliff was she acted nervous .

Riker;And where's ratliff?

Ross;she said he was going to the store

Riker;That's interesting you don't think she's pregnant right?

Ross;Dude you guys just got out of the hospital yesterday . I don't think she could have done that since she also has a cast

Riker;Yeah but the doctor called me yesterday telling me that the last X-rays they took from Rydel . They said Rydels leg was healing & she can move it well

Ross;That's weird

•Rydel walks in Laura's room•

Rydel;Hey can we talk?

Laura;Sure what's up?

Rydel;Uhh Laura I'm gonna tell you something but promise me not to tell my brothers


Rydel;Ratliff & I had Umm

Laura;•eyes widen• you guys had sex?

Rydel;shhh yes we did but Ratliff didn't use protection & theirs a possibility I can be pregnant

Laura;Oh my god Rydel

Rydel;Just don't say nothing

Laura;I won't

Rydel;I'm really worried Laura

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!